Who are we?

We are Kristien Oldengarm and Jelte van der Kooi.

For years we have worked in primary education; as a teacher and school principal. Jelte has also been an IB employee.

Now we are ZieZ together. The name stands for what we do: ‘See us’ and ‘See ‘es’. We focus on observation. Observation of yourself and the other and the amazement about what can be discovered when you look with attention.

Using PCM we create how we differ from each other in language and motivation. PCM is your tool to make a difference every day. The model does not show you where we differ from each other, it also provides the tools to only successfully connect with the other.

Process Communication ModelĀ® is the instrument we use in everything we do.

Our aim is to strengthen our educational climate in such a way that every student is reached. We like to come to schools for training. By gaining insight into yourself and the other (for example the student) you will be able to reach every student even better.

We reinforce our mission with materials to make a difference every day. InZicht is an example of this. You will also see in our training courses that we link existing knowledge to new material in a unique way.

We are curious about your motivation and experiences.

It is our wish that everyone involved in education sees and feels seen. That everyone makes a contribution to his/her environment based on individuality.

We do not do this work alone. We work together with a small group of trainers who share the same motives and values.

We provide training at your school and at our own pleasant location.